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Diamond Exchange Houston offers lab grown diamonds and engagement rings.


Everybody likes a sparkly diamond or necklace.  However, not everybody can afford a big fat rock.  Now, there is an alternative available that is quite a bit cheaper and still has the same sparkle.  Lab grown diamonds are becoming more popular than ever.  Diamond Exchange Houston offers a large selection of lab grown diamonds, engagement rings, and jewelry.  Contact us today to come into our jewelry store to shop and compare lab grown diamonds, engagement rings, and jewelry.

People like the idea of lab-created diamonds for several reasons.  One reason is that they are less expensive than earth mined diamonds.  Lab-grown diamonds are typically 25%-50% less expensive than natural diamonds.  That means you will be able to afford shopping for an engagement ring more easily.  You can use the extra money to get a bigger diamond or take a nice honeymoon vacation.  Whatever the case may be, lab grown diamonds are easier to afford.

Another reason one might shop for a man-made diamond is that it is more eco friendly.  You actually know that the money that you spent on your jewelry didn't go to fund a drug war.  People often have the impression that real diamonds came from war-stricken countries.  While this is probably not the case, a lot of times there is no track record of where or how a diamond was actually mine.

There are also drawbacks to purchasing lab-grown diamonds.  The biggest disadvantage to purchasing a man made diamond is hard to resell if you ever need to.  Natural diamonds always have a strong resell value and will always hold some kind of value.  Lab grown diamonds are not meant to be any type of investment.  You will have a hard time finding a diamond dealer that will buy back the diamond.

Another drawback of a lab grown diamond is that it might make you feel a certain way.  It might make you feel as though you are wearing something that is fake or a knock off.  If it doesn't bother you that you are wearing a man made diamond then more power to you.  Some women prefer natural diamonds and some women prefer man-mad.  It is all personal preference.  

If you are in the market for lab grown diamond then contact Diamond Exchange Houston today.  We are a top jewelry store in Houston, TX that buys and sells diamonds, engagement rings, and jewelry. 

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