Fall Transitional Outfits

Uptown with Elly Brown 9/13 11:27A Alexis Jones
As summer (HOPEFULLY) leaves, it s time to revamp our wardrobes and transition into fall. Fall here in Texas can look so different each day, which goes hand in hand with my daily outfit choices. I...

Fueling Success: Healthy Lunches and Snacks Kids

Uptown with Elly Brown 9/6 8:28A Alexis Jones
A few weeks ago, I took to IG to share my struggle with getting the kids to grab healthy lunches and snacks during the summer. I know I am not alone in this, but I think I heard them all say how...

Outfit Ideas for Family Holiday Photos

Uptown with Elly Brown 8/23 7:14A Elly
It s the season for family holiday photos! If you missed my post on tips and tricks for making family photoshoot days run as smoothly as possible- visit  this post . We all know family photos can be,...

Vacation Outfits Ideas

Uptown with Elly Brown 8/9 12:46A Elly
Jb and I recently got back from our anniversary trip to Jamaica and we took the kids on our family vacation last week. Eh, I meant trip (vacation with kids, is not a vacation, but a relocation?) Even...

Linen Guide: How to Wear & What to buy

Uptown with Elly Brown 8/4 4:45A Elly
Can you even spell summer without linen? Don t answer that… I love a good linen piece in the summer. LOVE. I don t love how easily it wrinkles, but I LOVE how chic linen is. It s easy and breezy and a...

How to Wear a Strapless Dress 101

Whatever Is Lovely 8/3 4:53P Lynne Gabriel
Strapless dresses have always been in, but knowing how to properly wear them is important this summer! Dresses are perfect to wear for any occasion whether you’re going on a first date, graduation celebrations, dinner with family or friends, or...

Adidas clearing out more Yeezy shoes in second wave

Houston Style Magazine (Fashion) 7/28 10:51A CNN/ Newswire
Adidas is releasing a second wave of Yeezy shoes into the market as it moves to clear out the inventory of its defunct collaboration with Ye, formerly known as Kanye West.

Our 15 year Anniversary Vacation with Sandals Resort

Uptown with Elly Brown 7/25 4:35A Elly
A post I know you all have been waiting for and I have been so excited to share. But where do I even begin with our 15-year anniversary trip? I guess I should start off by saying there is not one...

Strong leftover Yeezy sales could reduce Adidas’ expected operating loss

Houston Style Magazine (Fashion) 7/24 11:20A CNN/ Newswire
Strong sales of leftover Yeezy inventory is helping Adidas recoup some of its losses. Recent sales of the shoes left over from the abandoned collaboration with Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, should reduce Adidas’ expected operating...
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