Off The Chain Necklace Stack

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/22 10:47P Elly
I m SOOOOO excited to share this with you and more about my Taudrey collaboration. This has been a labor of love, and I hope you love this piece as much as I do. Without further ado the OFF THE CHAIN...

Gift Ideas For The Family

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/22 10:16A Alexis Jones
Tis the season for buying gifts and saving money and time where you can! I recently stopped into Dick s Sporting Goods for gifts for the kids but realized there were things there I wanted to add to my list for everyone. It was a one-stop shop, and...

How to Buy the Right Denim

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/21 1:18A Elly
We have talked all about denim over the past week. Everything you need to know about denim . The essentials, what denim is made out of, the different washes, and more. Now it s time to talk about how...

Denim Essentials

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/18 9:51A Alexis Jones
Next up on Denim Week, we are covering denim essentials. If you missed it, we covered everything you need to know about denim earlier this week. Today, it s all about building your wardrobe and...

Rihanna would like Beyoncé to model for Savage X Fenty

Houston Style Magazine (Fashion) 11/15 4:06A CNN/ Newswire
If anyone has the power to manifest it's Rihanna, right? The superstar singer and entrepreneur recently shared her dream model to walk the runway for her Savage X Fenty fashion line.

Everything You Need to Know about Denim

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/14 11:17A Alexis Jones
WELCOME TO DENIM WEEK! If you are signed up for the newsletter then this is not a surprise to you. Sharks can have a whole week to themselves so why can t denim? I think every week I get a handful of...

Gift Ideas for Kids Under $200

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/12 12:39A Elly
Jadyn and Colin this year said that Christmas presents don t cost any more because they are wishes. When you wish to Santa, it s just a wish, so that means you can wish for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING… oh if they only knew. The innocence of a child?....

Gift Ideas for Kids Under $100

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/12 12:38A Alexis Jones
Every year I feel like Christmas comes sooner and sooner. Does anyone else feel that way? I love this time of year though. Even if we are constantly on the go we all get to spend time together, which means the world to me. How are you spending...

Gift Ideas for Kids under $50

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/12 12:32A Elly
Can you believe we are so close to Thanksgiving?! WOW! Pretty soon we will blink and it will be Christmas? Today s gift guide is all for the kids! Here, I pulled gift ideas for kids under $50. Whether or not you have started your shopping or just...

Luxury Gift Ideas for Him

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/9 9:20A Elly
How s the Christmas gift shopping going for the men in your life? I have not even started y all, someone please tell me I m not the only one! But, I do feel like I m finally making some progress, even if it s slow progress. In this post, we are...

Gift Ideas for Him Under $200

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/9 9:17A Elly
Wanting to splurge a bit this holiday season? This is the gift guide for you! Down below, you ll find gift ideas for him under $200! What kind of “gifter” are you? Lots of small gifts, one big one, or just all over? Well, whatever you find...

Gift Ideas for Him Under $100

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/9 9:16A Elly
This holiday season has been so crazy around the house, but I say this every year ?. House projects, kids, life, work, travel. I can t even think straight! Every year new trends and gadgets come out so I’ve made sure to wrap some of those on today...

Gift Ideas for Him Under $50

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/9 9:14A Elly
The time of year has come where you have to try to remember what he asked for months ago or could really use. I feel like men are so easy to please and will love anything we get them. When it comes to gifts though we always overthink it. Will he...

Holiday Outfits for Women

Color and Chic 11/8 1:00A Quincy
Decorating our house for the holidays is a lot of fun, but dressing up for them is a close second. The rich colors, dynamic textures and sparkle and shine all make getting ready each day feel a bit...

Luxury Gift Ideas For Her

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/7 9:12A Elly
Today s gift guide is gift ideas for her, but lux edition. So if you have a special lady in your life and you really want to spoil her, then this gift guide is for you! These items are high ticket items that ll have her thanking you for yearsssss!...
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